Latest COVID-19 Info

Mon 22 Feb 2021

Auckland Moves to Alert Level 1

Great news that Auckland will move to alert level 1 from 11.59pm tonight. Our shop is open for trading as normal without any restrictions on how many people can enter at a time. Yay!

Wed 17 Feb 2021

Auckland Moves to Alert Level 2
From 11.59pm tonight Auckland will move down to Alert Level 2 which means our store can re-open! We will need to maintain a one-in-one-out policy but we will be open and trading again from tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you in-store again soon!

Sun 14 Feb 2021

Auckland Moves to Alert Level 3
From 11.59pm tonight Auckland moves to Alert Level 3 for three days so our store will be closed but you can still order online for click-and-collect, and home delivery. Please see details here on alert levels.

Thu 24 Aug 2020

Auckland Moves to Alert Level 2
No changes to business for us with the move from level 2.5 to level 2, we still have social distancing in place in-store, along with hand sanitiser for customer use and the QR code for contact tracing. So pop in and pick up your supplies, we'll be waiting with smiles...and sanitiser :)

Sun 30 Aug 2020

Alert Level 2.5 Starts Tomorrow
Auckland moves to level 2.5 from 11.59pm tonight so it's mostly business as usual. Once again we can open our doors to allow you to shop in-store, however, we will be operating a "one in - one out" policy to meet social distacing requirements. We now have paywave up and running and we have hand sanitiser available for use. Online ordering contnues as normal with minimal delays expected.

Wed 19 Aug 2020

Pickup Available From Our Store From Sat 22 Aug
From Saturday 22 August our Glen Eden store will be open for local shoppers to pick up the items they need. While entry to our store is not permitted under alert level 3, we can still serve you in a contactless way. You will be able to order and pay at the door using contactless EFTPOS, or credit card, but we will not be accepting cash during level 3. We will have hand sanitiser available for customer use, and our team will be wearing face masks, and wiping down surfaces and payment equipment as frequently as possible. Our store hours for pickup will be reduced during level 3, and you can find that information on our Contact Us page shortly.

Wed 12 Aug 2020

Alert Level 3 Begins
While we are at alert level 3 our store is closed but we are still shipping all goods nationwide as per usual. There may be some delays as courier services start to see an influx of parcels. We also have a free click & collect service available for our local store customers. Simply browse our website, and when you get to the checkout, select the click & collect option. Keep in mind that pick up is from our mail-order warehouse in Henderson Valley, not from our Glen Eden store. Once you have ordered and paid we will process your order and then email you with our mail-order warehouse address along with opening hours. The best way to contact us during level 3 is via email on

Tue 11 Aug 2020

Auckland Moves to Alert Level 3
At 12pm tomorrow, Wed 12 Aug, Auckland moves to alert level 3 for at least three days until midnight Friday, so our store will be closed from 12pm Wed 12 August until we move out of alert level 3. We will be adding a click & collect service to our checkout and customers that use this option can collect their orders from our Henderson based warehouse.

Mon 8 Jun 2020

NZ Moves to Alert Level 1
Great news from Jacinda Ardern today that NZ will move to alert level 1 from 11.59pm tonight. For our business it means that shopping returns to normal with no special requirements for shoppers. We will still have hand sanitiser available in-store for customer use, and we will display a QR code for customers opting to trace their movements using the NZ Covid Tracer app. We look forward to seeing you, mask-free, again soon!

Tue 12 May 2020

Our pick up and Glen Eden/Henderson delivery options have been removed from our website as our store opens this Thursday 14 May. For customers that were using those temporary methods, we hope it made purchasing a bit easier for you while our store had to close, and now you can head in-store to catch up with us and get all your supplies! We look forward to seeing you back again soon!

Mon 11 May 2020

Alert level 2 starts Thursday 14 May
Great news from Jacinda Ardern today that NZ will move to alert level 2 this Wednesday, 13 May, at 11.59pm. It means that we can once again open for business this Thursday, 14 May, at 9am with business (mostly) back to normal. While our store will be open for business, we will need to maintain a one in, out policy, to comply with social distancing measures, but we will be open! It also means that from tomorrow afternoon, our pick up and free local delivery options at checkout will finish, as our team will be needed to get the shop ready for you. We look forward to seeing you back in-store soon :)

Sat 9 May 2020

Update 1 - Alert level 2 is coming
With the likelihood of the country moving to alert level 2 within the next week, it means that we will once again be able to open for business. Please note, our store is not currently open as we are still in alert level 3. We must wait until the government announces the date for alert level 2 before we can re-open. When that happens, our store will be open regular trading hours, but with one main difference; we must operate a one in, one out policy to ensure compliance with the social distancing measures imposed by the government. So yes, you will be able to shop as normal at our store again, but there may be a bit of a wait to be served due to COVID-19 compliance. When you visit our store during alert level 2, please observe the signage when arriving, and while waiting to be served, please keep a 2mtr distance from others. If you are feeling unwell you should stay home and shop online. We look forward to seeing you in-store again soon :)

Update 2 - Pick up & local delivery
This update comes a little late, as we have been swamped with online orders. So first of all, a big thank you to you, our customers, for your support during this time! Alert level 3 allows us to offer our full range of products for sale online, which has us working frantically to get orders dispatched as they come in. The one piece of news we didn't spread very well is that during alert level 3 we are offering free delivery within Glen Eden and Henderson, and we also have a pickup option available from our Henderson warehouse. Both of these options are available at the checkout when finalising your order on our website. The local deliveries are carried out by one of our team members and are done the next business day after we receive your order. By delivering these orders ourselves, it means you get your order much quicker, as courier deliveries can take up to five days at present. Pickups can be made from our mail-order warehouse in Henderson (not our Glen Eden store). Once you have placed your order online we will email you when your order is ready for collection with our warehouse address. Pickups are only available Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm.

Tue 21 Apr 2020

Jacinda Ardern announced yesterday that NZ will move to alert level 3 at 11.59pm on Mon 27 April. What this means for us is that we can start shipping orders for our entire product range from Tue 28 Apr! On Friday afternoon (24 Apr) all products on our website will be made available for ordering, and shipping of orders will commence on Tue 28 Apr. Keep in mind that courier services are under immense pressure due to the massive amounts of deliveries they have, combined with lower staff numbers, and while maintaining priority deliveries to the medical, pharmaceutical and educational sectors, means that deliveries can take up to five business days.

Fri 17 Apr 2020

After an announcement by the Government on what restrictions will be in place when the country moves to level 3, we can tell you that when we move to level 3, we will be able to start selling our full range of products again online. Our retail store, along with many others, will have to remain closed, but we will still be able to ship goods to you. Currently we are still in alert level 4 so we cannot offer our full range, but on Mon 20 Apr the Government will announce whether the country will move to alert level 3 on Thu 23 Apr, or whether we will remain at alert level 4. If we do move to level 3, we will be able to make all products on our website available again! Some points to note when we move to alert level 3:

  1. Deliveries may take up to 5 business days due to increased demand for delivery services so please order as early as possible. More delivery details below in the Thu 16 Apr 2020 update.
  2. Restocking products from overseas suppliers is currently problematic, delayed, and expensive. If you see a product you want, buy it while it is available. If stock sells out and it needs to be re-ordered from overseas, chances are it will take many weeks to receive, and the price will be higher. We are not trying to get you to buy products now by saying this, it is quite simply, a new reality, while COVID-19 is a part of our lives.
  3. We will be offering a free delivery service to our local store customers in Glen Eden. While in level 4, only approved courier companies can make deliveries, but at level 3, we are allowed to deliver goods ourselves. When we move to level 3, a new shipping option will be added to our website for local customers to select, and we will deliver your order to you the following business day, using the same precautionary measures that the courier companies are currently using.

Thu 16 Apr 2020

With courier services being under a lot of pressure we have received the following update regarding deliveries. In a nutshell, it means that for the products we supply at Wicked Habits, and with deliveries going to residential addresses, deliveries may take 4 - 5 business days, and following up of orders with the courier will only be done after this period of time to avoid holding up their resources. We apologise for any inconvenience. Courier message follows:

As essential suppliers of services through the COVID-19 Level 4 government lockdown across New Zealand, Couriers have continued to operate and deliver freight on behalf of businesses that are open to trade as designated by the government.
Our delivery priority in order of importance through the lockdown has been, and will continue to be, medical, pharmaceutical and educational. All other freight will be delivered as and when resource and time allows. 
Staffing and courier levels across the country are not at full strength, as a significant number of our people have elected to take self-isolation through the lockdown. As such we will take additional time to deliver the volume of freight that we are receiving that is not considered top priority and as a consequence response to queries will also be delayed. 
With this in mind, please allow up to 4-5 days delivery time for goods being delivered to residential addresses. We will do all we can to minimise any delays from the date of despatch. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are doing all we can to manage what are challenging times, we will do all we can to assist in any way possible. We would also respectfully ask that you refrain from ringing call centres to ascertain an update on a delivery, as we are operating with skeleton staff and we need to manage our priority customers in the first instance.

Fri 3 Apr 2020

We have applied to MBIE to sell essential non-food products online, and can continue to offer a limited range of tobacco & vaping products for home delivery, unless advised otherwise. Our MBIE Application Number is: MBIEEB-1535. The products we have available are shown in the COVID-19 Essentials product category. For further information, please scroll down to the FAQ section, or email us for assistance.

Tue 31 March 2020

The Government has added tobacco and vaping products to its list of essential services in the Fast-moving consumer goods sector. As such, we can now offer limited products for sale via our website, for home delivery. The products we can offer are shown in the COVID-19 Essentials product category, and only these items can be shipped at this time. For further information, please scroll down to the FAQ section, or email us for assistance.

Mon 23 March 2020

On Monday 23 March 2020, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern advised that NZ had moved to Alert Level 3 for COVID-19 and at 11.59pm on Wed 25 March 2020 the country would move to level 4. This means that only businesses that offer essential services can remain open, and every other business must close for a minimum of four weeks. 

Our store at 4/60 Glenmall Pl, Glen Eden will remain open for normal trading hours on Tuesday 24 March and Wednesday 25 March, after which we will be closed for four weeks (minimum) but this could extend longer. This decision will be up to the government, not us.

Our website is currently closed for ordering, but products can still be viewed.

We are unavailable for phone enquiries during this pandemic, as staff are not able to attend our office or store, but emails will continue to be monitored and answered as promptly as possible. The best email address to reach us on is

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, please visit the government dedicated website