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About Us

Wicked Habits didn't start out with the range you see today. Back in 2006 (when we got established) we were just a website with the aim of making it easy to get your rolling papers and other accessories online, without having to leave the couch. But as time went on, the need for a store grew and grew, so eventually in February 2010, our little store in Glen Eden, west Auckland was born. She was a lovely little baby, who with the love and support of her team members and customers, grew into the beauty she is today. Bursting at the seams with rolling papers, grinders, stash tins, detox drinks, waterpipes, grow-your-own tobacco products, vaporizers, and much more.

In December 2014 we changed our company name to Charbella Imports Ltd (continuing to trade as Wicked Habits) to better reflect the growing wholesale side of the business.

We are locally owned, our team are locals, and we love serving the locals. We strive to remain competitive and you can count on us to look after you with every visit.

Whether you just need some friendly advice on the products we sell, a free lighter refill (yes we will refill your lighter for free in-store - no purchase required) or you're interested in the latest industry products, pop in and say hi! 

We're open Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays & public holidays).

The Wicked Habits team