Trading During Alert Levels


At alert level 1:
It's business as usual in-store but we will still have hand sanitiser available for you to use. Website orders continue as usual.

At alert level 2
Our store is open normal trading hours, but we must operate a one in, one out policy with customers to ensure social distancing. If you are unwell, you should avoid retail stores and shop online. Website orders are dispatched as usual. No delivery delays expected.

At alert level 3:
Our store is open during reduced trading hours for contactless sales at the entrance, and for click-and-collect web orders, but entry to our store is not permitted. Website orders are dispatched as usual but some shipping delays may occur which can add 1 - 3 days to the delivery time.

At alert level 4:
Our store must close but we can still offer a limited amount of tobacco & vaping products via our website for home delivery. Orders are still dispatched daily but delivery delays can be expected for a majority of orders ranging from 1 day to several days.