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We accept Visa & Mastercard

ID Required For Orders

Stolen credit cards, unauthorised transactions, and underage purchases, are an unfortunate reality of online shopping. These types of transactions are a nightmare for both card holders and retailers. To protect both parties we may ask to see a copy of your NZ drivers licence, current passport, or 18+ card, before we can process your order. If your order contains tobacco, herbal smoking mixes, or vaping products, it is essential that we view your photo ID before your order can be dispatched. 

There may also be other reasons we need to sight your ID before we can process your order, and if this is required, we will be in touch via email as soon as possible after receiving your order.

To expedite the order process you can use our File Upload facility when going through the checkout to upload a copy of your ID. Alternatively, take a photo of your ID with your smart phone and email it to with your order number. 

Please see the frequently asked questions below and if you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do I need to provide photo ID to receive my order?
Stolen credit cards are often used to purchase products online and we have had our fair share of them. The bank can remove a credit card facility from a merchant if they feel it is necessary, so to avoid this from happening, and to protect the card holder, we may request to view your ID before we process your order. We must also do our best to make sure underage people are not buying R18 restricted products.

Do I need to provide my ID with every order I place?

No. Once we have sighted your ID we will keep a note in your card file that your ID has been viewed by a team member and your copy of ID will be deleted. Future orders that you place under the same logged-in account on our website will not require ID.

What do you do with the copy of my ID once you have viewed it?
The copy of your ID will be deleted from our system. We will only keep a note in your card file to state that we have viewed it.

Do I need ID if I am picking up my order?
Yes you will need to provide ID when collecting your order. In this case you do not need to supply it to us online when ordering, but you will be asked for it when you call to collect your package.

Can a friend pick up my order for me if I have prepaid for it?
Yes, provided your friend has ID to verify they are over 18.