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Tobacco Cutter RS100 Plus 0.8mm TS021

  • Tobacco Cutter RS100 Plus 0.8mm TS021
The RS100 Tobacco Cutter is made for home grown tobacco and is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel. The shredder cuts to 0.8mm in long continuous strands which is perfect for use in tube injectors or for hand rolling. It has a 100mm feeding area with a chute under the cutters that is easy to rotate. The cutters are also mounted on ball bearings which extends the life of the machine. The RS100 tobacco cutter is suitable for a mechanical drive via 6mm socket. Simply remove the crank handle and attach the socket with drive. An exceptional cutter for the home grower who requires a high quality tobacco cutting machine.
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The RS100 Tobacco Cutter is suitable for the home grower to shred tobacco leaves. It is not suitable for high volume cutting in a short period of time. Before using the RS100 tobacco cutter please read these instructions in full. You can also download these instructions for future reference.

  1. The first thing you need to do before using the cutter is to remove the main stem from each tobacco leaf. The easiest way to do this is to pull the stem out and away from the top of the leaf, then grasp right beneath the top of the leaf, and pull the stem out and down. You should be left with a leaf minus the main stem.
  2. After you have removed the main stem, you need to make sure that your leaf is dry before putting it through the cutter, otherwise you will clog the cutter, which can result in damage to the unit that is not covered by warranty. You need your leaf to be dry, but not crisp. If you start to shred your tobacco, and it starts clumping up under the rollers, it is too wet and needs further drying.
  3. When your leaf is properly dry, unbox the RS100 cutter and remove the surface protection tape covering the unit.
  4. Check that both combs (which are screwed to plates under the rollers) are screwed in tightly.
  5. Set up the RS100 cutter on a suitable bench and attach the supplied handle.
  6. The feet of the cutter include holes which can be used to bolt the cutter to a bench top if required (bolts not included).
  7. It is recommended you rub some cooking oil into the two bearing housings before each use to ensure good lubrication. Bearing housing 1 is where the handle attaches to the cutter. Bearing housing 2 is directly next to this and holds one of the rollers in place.
  8. Leaves should be fed into the cutter one leaf at a time. Do not try to feed more than this into the unit at once or you may damage the unit.
  9. Turn the handle at a steady pace to shred each leaf. If the handle becomes difficult to turn, tobacco may be caught in the rollers, turn the handle backwards and remove any stuck leaf material. Turn the handle forward again to clear out any leftover leaf.
  10. If using a mechanical drive, you will need a 6mm socket, and a power screwdriver with a maximum speed of 200rpm. However, damage to the cutter from use with a mechanical drive is not covered by warranty so use with caution.
  11. Be sure to keep an eye on the combs that are situated under the rollers. If tobacco is clogging up, your tobacco may be too wet, and should be dried further. Combs should be removed and cleaned regularly. Do not allow tobacco to clump up under the rollers as this can damage the combs.


  1. Do not force material into the cutter. If the unit jams, turn the handle backwards slowly to release material and check the unit for any blockage. The combs, which sit under the rollers, can be removed using a small wrench.
  2. Do not put fingers between the rollers as this will result in injury.
  3. Do not leave unit around children.
  4. Leaves should be fed into the cutter singularly to avoid jamming the rollers.

Height: 135mm
Length: 155mm (excl handle)
Width: 80mm
Weight: 1.6kg
Body: Stainless Steel
Crank Handle: Chromed Steel
Cutting Rollers: Stainless Steel
Combs: Stainless Steel
Cutting Area Length: 100mm