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Tobacco Cutter Magic Cut Hand Machine 0.8mm TS023

  • Tobacco Cutter Magic Cut Hand Machine 0.8mm TS023
The Magic Cut Tobacco Cutter is the simple choice for home tobacco growers that want an affordable option to shred their home-grown tobacco. Magic Cut will cut your tobacco into 0.8mm strands using its solid steel construction and stainless steel combs. It offers the best quality-to-price ratio when used correctly, so if you have home grown tobacco or herbs that need shredding, look no further.
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To ensure the longevity of your Magic Cut cutter, it is important to remove the main stem from each leaf before cutting. We also recommed that you ensure your tobacco is dried appropriately, as moist leaves can result in clogging which can damage the cutting blades. Periodic cleaning of the rollers and combs is advised and edible plant oil is recommended for this purpose.

Magic Cut is not designed for cutting hard materials and is only to be used for leaves and herbs.

When used correctly, and cleaning is maintained, the Magic Cut cutter can easily cut over 50kg using one set of combs. Replacement combs can be purchased as required. 

Why Choose Magic Cut?

  1. Simple to use stationary machine for home users.
  2. Magic Cut is made of metal. It was designed with operational stability and durability in mind.
  3. Magic Cut is your best choice when it comes to hand herb/leaf cutting machines available in the market. Rest assured that you are getting the best quality-to-price ratio.

Operating Instructions:

  1. Check that all screws on the cutting blades are tightened properly.
  2. Attach handle (if required) with supplied screw.
  3. Attach the cutter to a bench top using the clamp. You will need a bench top with a thickness of no more than 30mm.
  4. Place a container under the cutter to catch your tobacco/herb after shredding.
  5. Slowly feed your tobacco or herb into the cutter while turning the handle.


  1. Do not force material into the cutter. If the unit jams, turn the handle backwards slowly to release material and check the unit for any blockage. The combs, which sit under the rollers, can be removed using a Philips head screwdriver.
  2. Do not put fingers between the rollers as this will result in injury.
  3. Do not leave unit around children.
  4. Leaves should be fed into the cutter singularly to avoid jamming the rollers.