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Tube Machine Powermatic 3 240v HC187

  • Tube Machine Powermatic 3 240v HC187
The Powermatic 3 is the next evolution in the Powermatic series. This machine takes everything you enjoyed about the Powermatic 2 and adds the convenience of automation. The Powermatic 3 can hold enough tobacco to fill up to 30 cigarette tubes. To use is as simple as adding your favourite tobacco to the hopper, placing the cigarette tube on the end of the nozzle and pressing the start key. The Powermatic 3 fills one tube at a time.
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The Powermatic 3 tube injector works with 84mm (king size) and 100mm cigarette tubes. A simple push of a button is all that is required to switch between the two sizes. The digital display shows you how many tubes you have made, and can be reset to zero at the end of each filling session. This is a great tool to utilise to ensure the machine is not overused (see warranty information below). 


  • The Powermatic 3 has a limited (return-to-base) warranty for one year or 20,000 cigarettes (whichever comes first) starting from the date of purchase.
  • The Powermatic 3 is for domestic use only and is not covered for high volume (over 100 cigarettes per day) or commercial use.
  • It is the users responsibility to ensure that the tobacco used is suitably shredded and dried before filling. Tobacco that is too coarse, or too wet, can jam the machine resulting in damage that is not covered by warranty.
  • The machine must be returned to the place of purchase and be accompanied by the original receipt, description of the problem, contact information, and return delivery address.
  • The machine must be adequately packaged and have no physical damage.
  • The machine must be used strictly according to the instruction manual. The warranty does not extend to damage or defects caused by accident, misuse, alteration, or neglect.
  • This product is designed for tobacco use only.


Why does the injector rip a small piece of my tobacco paper off after filling the tube?

ripped cigarette tube

This can be caused by using a cigarette tube with thin paper. SMOKING branded tubes use a thin paper that can tend to rip when used in electric filling machines like the Powermatic 3. There are two solutions for this which have worked for us.

1. Don't push the tube all the way onto the filling nozzle. Only push it about half way on, or just enough for the grabbing arm to hold the paper.

Tube Position

2. Load the cigarette tube on to the filling nozzle with the seam facing up. Because the paper overlaps in this spot it provides a stronger join. In tests we have run, the tube did not rip at all, even when pushed all the way on to the filling nozzle.

seam facing up

A third option is to use a cigarette tube that uses thicker paper. Laramie tubes (for example) are slightly thicker and did not rip at all on tests that we carried out, even when the tube was fully inserted, and whether or not the seam was facing up.