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Tobacco Flavouring Magic Aroma Menthol 45ml SL034 EOL

  • Tobacco Flavouring Magic Aroma Menthol 45ml SL034 EOL
Menthol tobacco flavouring for your home-grown tobacco. Magic Aroma flavouring is applied by spraying it directly on to your shredded tobacco. Each 45ml bottle can flavour over 5kg, but even a small amount sprayed on to your mixture is very satisfying. Magic Aroma contains glycol which balances the amount of moisture in the product. Supplied in an easy to use spray bottle for easy application.
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Flavour your home-grown tobacco in two easy steps:

  1. Spray flavouring onto your tobacco ensuring a nice even covering.
  2. Seal your tobacco in a container for 24 hours to allow the flavouring to bind with the tobacco.


  • Shuffle your tobacco when you spray it to get a nice even coverage.
  • Start with a light spray, as you can always add more flavouring to successive batches, but you can't take it out if you add too much.