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Self Test Dosetest Fentanyl Test Kit Single DE160

  • Self Test Dosetest Fentanyl Test Kit Single DE160
A single use test strip for checking if your substance contains Fentanyl. In just a few minutes you will be able to identify if Fentanyl is present in your substance and avoid the dangers of consumption if it is identified.
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The Fentanyl test kit contains a long handled 10mg scoop and a test strip. One side of the packaging itself is used to fill with water, then using the small scoop, place your sample into the pouch of water (based on the directions), dip the test strip into the water for 10 seconds, then lay flat. After 5 mins, compare the result to the positive/negative result panel on the packaging to know if your sample contains fentanyl.


1 x 10mg long handled scoop to collect your sample (you need a minimum of 5 scoops of your sample for testing)
1 x Test strip (to test the sample)
1 x Packaging that is used for water collection and reading the results of your sample