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Glass Tubing Clear 12mmDx 150mm GT15012**

  • Glass Tubing Clear 12mmDx 150mm GT15012**
Straight glass borosilicate tubing that can be heated and shaped. Outer diameter 12mm. Wall thickness 2mm. Overall length 150mm. Ends are snap cut so can be sharp. Fire-polishing is available at an additional cost.
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Our borosilicate glass tubing has snap cut ends, meaning the edges can be very sharp and uneven. The glass tubing is basically scored with a file and then 'snapped' between the thumb and forefinger leaving an edge that is rough.

Fire polishing is when the ends of the glass tubing are heated to create a smooth rounded finish that is not sharp at all.

  • Strain temperature: 520°C (approx)
  • Annealing temperature: 550ºC (approx)
  • Softening temperature: 820ºC (approx)
  • Co-efficiency of expansion: 3.3 (3.3士0.1*10-6/K)

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    Does what it should
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