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Scales AWS Card V2 0.01g x 100g SC165*

  • Scales AWS Card V2 0.01g x 100g SC165*
The slimline style of the Card digital pocket scale from AWS makes it a popular choice. Like all American Weigh Scales this model includes batteries (2 x CR2032) and the clear plastic cover that is used to protect the weighing tray, can be flipped over and used as a removable weighing tray on the stainless platform. Also included is a black vinyl pouch for storage.
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  • Keeping any sized calibration weight on hand will allow you to periodically test your scale for accuracy. We recommend keeping a 50g or 100g calibration weight stored with your scale so you can perform this check if required.
  • Do not exceed the scales maximum capacity.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold. Scales perform best at room temperature. If temperatures have changed dramatically, recalibration may be necessary.
  • Calibration and adjustment are performed at the factory. While recalibration is not generally necessary, it can be performed with the correct weight by following the instructions included with your scale.
  • Before performing calibration, allow your scale to warm up for 30 - 60 seconds.
  • Store your scale in a clean, dry location. Dust, dirt, and moisture can accumulate on the weighing sensors and electronics causing innaccuracy or malfunction.
  • Always weigh on a flat and level surface free from vibration and drafts. The corner of a room is usually the most stable.
  • Gently apply items to be weighed. Do not drop items onto the weighing platform.
  • Avoid dropping your scale. Warranty does not cover physical damage or overloading.
  • Check the batteries first if you are having any trouble with your scale. This simple step can remedy many scale issues.

Max. Capacity: 100 grams
Readability: 0.01 grams
Overall Size: 100mm x 75mm
Tray Size: 85mm x 50mm
Weighs In: g/oz/gn/ct
Power: 2 x CR2032 batteries (included)
Calibration Weight: 100g (not included)
Warranty: 10 years with manufacturer / 30 days with NZ Retailer

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