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Mouth and Body Cleanser Kleaner Sachet 6ml DE201

  • Mouth and Body Cleanser Kleaner Sachet 6ml DE201
Kleaner is a mouth and body hygiene product used to remove unwanted residues from your mouth and/or skin. Simply swirl it in your mouth for a minute, or apply directly to your hands, neck, or face for an instant clean. Works instantly and lasts for at least an hour. Stores for up to 30 months so perfect for the car or handbag! This 6ml single use sachet is ideal for one mouth wash or to rub into your hands, face, or neck.
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8 January 2024
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Mouthwash: Thoroughly rinse your mouth with 5 - 6mls of Kleaner for one minute. Kleaner can then either be swallowed with your saliva or spat out (it doesn't taste the best!). Best used 5 - 15 minutes before your cleanse is required.

Skin Cleansing: Spray 6 - 10mls onto a cloth, tissue, or directly into your hands. Thoroughly wipe face, neck, hands, or wherever sweat is present.

Remains effective for at least one hour.