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Water Bubbler Attachment Airistech Herbva X VX020 EOL

  • Water Bubbler Attachment Airistech Herbva X VX020 EOL
The Airistech Herbva X water bubbler attachment is a great way to further reduce heat when using the Airistech Herbva X vaporizer. The water bubbler attaches directly to the mouthpiece that is supplied with your Herbva X and is the perfect addition for anyone who has a sensitive throat and wants to further reduce heat.
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It is recommended to use distilled or filtered water with the bubbler so that any contaminants or chlorine (that can be found in tap water) are not activated and inhaled when the water heats during inhaling.

Filling Instructions:

  1. Holding only the bubbler in your hand, turn it upside down, so the mouth piece is facing downwards, and pour about one teaspoon of water into the base.
  2. Turn the bubbler over 180 degrees again, so that the mouth piece is facing upwards, and slowly inhale through the bubbler. At this point you may get some excess water drawn through the bubbler, but this will stabilise leaving you with the right amount of water in the upper section.
  3. Insert the bubbler on to the standard mouth piece that is attached to your Herbva X and inhale as you normally would. You will notice that the mouth piece has a black rubber grommet area that is exposed when connected to your vaporizer and it is this grommet that the bubbler connects to.

Emptying Instructions:

  1. Turn the bubbler upside down and blow into the base. The water will be expelled from the far end. For obvious reasons we recommend you do this over the sink, or outside!

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  • Bubbler
    Awesome bubbler, not to bulky... Plus I was sent a free gift, so what not to like. I will be shopping a lot more at wickedhabits 👍🏽
    Posted: 2021-09-01 by Wakx