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Vaporiser Kit Focus Vape Std White VK012

  • Vaporiser Kit Focus Vape Std White VK012
The standard Focus Vape is a high performance dry herb vape with features normally found on more expensive models. Ideal for daily users who want a robust, sturdy unit which includes a replaceable battery.
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  • Before first use, open the battery compartment and remove the cardboard insulator. This is a small disc of cardboard put there to prevent activation during shipping.
  • Charge the unit fully before use.
  • As with all vapes, optimum performance is achieved by firstly grinding your herb finely; loosely filling the chamber (don't overfill or pack tightly); and doing a long, slow inhale. This lets the air pass slowly over the concealed element, heating to the set temperature, and allowing it to slowly percolate through the herbs, releasing the active ingredients and delicious aromas.
  • The vibrating feature is a nice reminder that the unit is ready to use but is not too loud or intusive.
  • The airflow control ring is a great addition! Dial it down for thicker vapour, or open it up for cooler flavours.


  • Six temperature settings with quick heat up time: simply turn it on and select your preferred setting. There are six presets: 160ºC, 170ºC, 180ºC, 190ºC, 200ºC, and 220ºC. The Focus Vape heats up in approximately 20 seconds.
  • Vibration alerts: The Focus Vape uses haptic feedback to alert you when the unit is turned on or off, and when it reaches the set temperature.
  • Pyrex glass mouthpiece: The Focus Vape uses borosilicate (Pyrex) glass for the purest, smoothest taste. It is replaceable if it breaks, and interchangeable with Focus Vape's waterpipe adaptors (sold separetely in either 14mm or 18mm - so your Focus Vape can connect to your waterpipe's downstem).
  • Ceramic heating chamber: The Focus Vape's food-grade ceramic heating chamber will perfectly vaporise your herbs with no combustion or burning. The element is recessed with no direct contact with the herbs, and the airflow is separated from the electronics for a smooth pure taste.
  • Airflow control system: The Focus Vape is the first portable herb vape to employ an airflow control ring to easily control the flow of air.
  • Metal construction with Silica Gel exterior: the Focus Vape is made of metal (unlike most plasticy portables). The rugged durable contruction is softened with a faux leather Silica Gel covering that makes it scratch resistant, non-slip, comformable to hold, and cool to touch.
  • Replaceable battery: The Focus Vape comes with a genuine LG/Samsung high-drain 2500mAh, 18650 battery, that can last most users a week between charges!


  • Size: 172mm x 23.6mm (Diameter)
  • Weight: 180g
  • Battery Capacity: Original LG/Samsung 2500mAh 20A discharge rate battery. 4.2 volts.
  • Temperature levels:
  1. 160C / 320F
  2. 170C / 338F
  3. 180C / 356F
  4. 190C / 374F
  5. 200C / 392F
  6. 220C / 428F


  • Focus Vaporiser
  • 2500mAh LG/Samsung Battery (shipped with insulating cardboard disc - remove before use)
  • Packing Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Spare Pyrex Glass Mouthpiece
  • Spare Mouthpiece Filters
  • Instruction Manual