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Delivery Options

You have two options when having your order delivered. You can ask for your order to be left if no one is home, or you can request that a signature is obtained. See below for more detail on each.

Asking for your order to be left if no one is home

Ask for this option if you believe it is safe for your package to be left unattended. This is the fastest delivery option, as delivery will be made on the first attempt, but you need to be confident that there is little to no chance that someone might take your package if it is seen, as there is no compensation payable for loss once the courier has made delivery. If there is somewhere specific you would like your package left, you can note this in the Additional Comments field at the checkout.

Asking for delivery requiring a signature

Select this option if you do not want your package to be left if no one is home. This is the safer option if you think it is unsafe for your package to be left unattended, but it also means that delivery will be delayed by one business day or more if no one is home, as the courier will leave a card-to-call, and return your package to the local depot for redelivery once they hear back from you.