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DIY Tobacco

At Wicked Habits, we reckon being wicked is AOK! Party hard, but don't hurt others. Expand your mind, but don't break the law. Eat chocolate, but not for breakfast! Due to law restrictions around advertising smoking products, not all products we sell are displayed for sale. If you are interested in related products that are not shown on our website please feel free to enquire with us as to availability. We have a great range of smoking herbs, smoking pipes, herb grinders, flavoured papers, aromatic incense, electronic cigarettes, plastic zip-lock bags, ornamental skulls, e-hookahs, traditional hookah pipes, flags, tobacco tins, digital scales, tobacco seeds and much more to help you fulfill your wicked habit. We deliver nationwide and offer free NZ delivery for orders of $100.00 or more (excludes Waiheke, Great Barrier, and Chatham Islands). View our product categories on the left or browse our products/categories below and remember to check back regularly to see our new lines and specials!

Items in this category are strictly R18.
By purchasing these items you are indicating to us that you are at least 18 years of age.

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  • Tobacco Curing Kit GC010
    This pack contains the methods and ingredients to produce fine smoking tobacco from your home grown tobacco plants. The flavours included in this pack are Rum and Whiskey.
  • Tobacco Cutting Kit Cuthof TS022
    The Cuthof Tobacco Cutting Machine and Press offers the home-growers a handy and effective shredding machine to shred the tobacco leaves into thin strands (between 0.5 and 1.5mm depending on how hard ...
  • Tobacco Cutting Kit Powermatic S 240v TS020
    Shred your own whole leaf tobacco with the 240v Powermatic tobacco shredder. Creates perfect RYO grade tobacco with cuts that are approx 1.5mm in length and 0.9mm wide. Forward and reverse gears provi...
  • Tobacco Kit Barrel W/Blades Cuthof TS013
    Spare barrel (cutting drum) for use with the Cuthof tobacco cutter. Barrel includes blades.
  • Tobacco Kit Blades Cuthof TS010
    This set contains a pair of blades for use with the Cuthof Tobacco Cutting machine.
  • Tobacco Kit Friction Ring Cuthof TS015
    This is a spare friction ring for use with the Cuthof Tobacco Cutter.
  • Tobacco Kit Handle Cuthof TS012
    Spare Handle for Cuthof Tobacco Cutter.
  • Tobacco Kit Press/Clamp Set Cuthof TS016
    Brick press and clamps for use with the Cuthof tobacco cutter.
  • Tobacco Kit Trimming Plate Cuthof TS017
    Replacement trimming plate for Cuthof tobacco kit.
  • Tobacco Kit Wooden Feeder Cuthof TS014
    Wooden feeder for Cuthoff Cutter.
  • Tobacco Planter Kit GT010
    This tobacco kit contains all the ingredients to raise about 100 tobacco plants including the seeds themselves. The seed variety is Virginia Burley cross (ie. a heavy cigarette/light pipe type). Follo...
  • Tobacco Seeds 1000pk GT012
    Prime Virginia Tobacco seeds. Tantalisingly easy to grow and prepare, it offers huge financial savings to smokers. No wonder it’s flying off the shelves! Ideal for NZ conditions, the seeds we se...
  • Tube Machine Powermatic II 240v HC186
    The Powermatic II tube injector has an electric motor powered spoon that injects tobacco directly into the tube. Tobacco is packed tightly and held evenly in the cigarette. CNC technology, tight toler...
  • Tube Machine Zen Shooter 84mm HC185
    Zen Tube Machine - Use in conjunction with tubes to make your own taylor made cigarettes.
  • Tubes Gizeh Menthol 200pk
    Menthol flavoured, full size cigarette tubes for grow-your-own tobacco users. The proven combination of high quality paper and filter will continue to ensure a natural fresh taste. Enjoy the premium q...
  • Tubes Gizeh Menthol King Size 100pk HC150
    With a tube machine and these quality King Size tubes, you can effortlessly produce enjoyable and professional looking cigarettes, with the tobacco of your choice, and they will be enhanced with a ref...
  • Tubes Gizeh Silver Tip 200pk
    Full size cigarette tubes for grow-your-own tobacco users. The proven combination of high quality paper and filter will continue to ensure a natural fresh taste. Enjoy the premium quality of GIZEH for...
  • Tubes Laramie 250pk
    Laramie cigarette tubes are full flavour king size tubes. Use in conjunction with a filling machine to make your own cigarettes from your home grown tobacco.

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