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Tobacco Pipes

At Wicked Habits, we reckon being wicked is AOK! Party hard, but don't hurt others. Expand your mind, but don't break the law. Eat chocolate, but not for breakfast! Due to law restrictions around advertising smoking products, not all products we sell are displayed for sale. If you are interested in related products that are not shown on our website please feel free to enquire with us as to availability. We have a great range of smoking herbs, smoking pipes, herb grinders, flavoured papers, aromatic incense, electronic cigarettes, plastic zip-lock bags, ornamental skulls, e-hookahs, traditional hookah pipes, flags, tobacco tins, digital scales, tobacco seeds and much more to help you fulfill your wicked habit. We deliver nationwide and offer free NZ delivery for orders of $100.00 or more (excludes Waiheke, Great Barrier, and Chatham Islands). View our product categories on the left or browse our products/categories below and remember to check back regularly to see our new lines and specials!

Items in this category are strictly R18.
By purchasing these items you are indicating to us that you are at least 18 years of age.

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  • Pipe Corn Cob Mini*
    A great little novelty pipe made from a corn cob but very hard wearing. Wooden stem with plastic mouth piece. This is a one piece pipe but easy to clean with straight pipe cleaners. Overall length 90m...
  • Pipe Tool 3 In 1 incl Pouch MP226
    Handy 3 in 1 pipe tool, including packer, poker and scoop. Includes a storage pouch.
  • Pipe Traditional Mini PB010
    This tidy little Briar pipe is perfect for the more sophisticated smoker. The stem separates in the middle where the filter is and this is replaceable.
    Out Of Stock
  • Pipe Traditional Ozark PB020
    The Ozark Mountain is a filtered pipe with a hardwood bowl that mimics the shape of a corn cob pipe. Available in straight stem/maple wood and bent stem/cherry wood.
    Out Of Stock
  • Pipe Traditional Straight Aztec 92242
    Aztec smoking pipe. Each pipe is fitted with a washable aluminium flow reducer/filter and comes with a soft drawstring bag to protect the pipe from damage when not in use. Approximate length of each p...
    Out Of Stock
  • Pipe Wooden Blackwood 85mm PW614
    Blackwood pipe that unscrews at the cone. Overall length approx 85mm.
    Out Of Stock
  • Pipe Wooden Blackwood PW609
    Pipe Wooden Carved Black Screw Together. 75mm approx. Design may vary slightly to that shown.
    Out Of Stock
  • Pipe Wooden Cherry/Maple Wood
    A snazzy mini briar pipe measuring approx 90mm long. The plastic mouth piece can be removed for cleaning and the wooden stem can be removed from the cone. Available in cherry wood and maple wood.
  • Pipe Wooden PW016 EOL
    Nice funky looking 1pce wooden pipe with mesh.
  • Pipe Wooden Slide Lid PW500 EOL
    Brown wooden pipe with sliding lid and removable plastic mouth piece. Approx 85mm long
  • Pipe Wooden Square Tip PW504 EOL
    Funky wooden pipe with removable plastic mouth piece and square ended head. Design may vary between shipments. Approx 100mm long.
  • Pipe Wooden Square W/Grip PW506 EOL
    Funky wooden pipe with removable plastic mouth piece and square ended head. Design may vary between shipments. Approx 100mm long.

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