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Nicotine Salt Feellife Classic Menthol 10ml EL042 EOL

  • Nicotine Salt Feellife Classic Menthol 10ml EL042 EOL
Get the classic taste of menthol from Feellife Nicotine Salt. Using nicotine salt as opposed to freebase nicotine e-liquid can provide several benefits. You get a more satisfying vape without having to vape so often, you get a better hit and less throat irritation, and devices that use nicotine salt are usually small and discreet. Many ex-smokers enjoy the hit that nicotine salt offers over regular e-liquid as it mimics a cigarette more closely than regular e-liquid.
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Nicotine salts are generally best suited to low powered pod-type devices due to the higher strengths they offer. If you use a high-powered device, we recommend lowering the output, and using a lower strength nicotine salt (6mg - 15mg). High strength nic salts in a high powered device can be overwhelming and defeat the purpose they are intended for so use with caution!

Nicotine Salt Pros

  • Smoother hit compared to regular e-liquid
  • Absorbed faster and more efficiently than regular e-liquid
  • Higher strengths available

Nicotine Salt Cons

  • Can be overpowering in a high output device
  • Higher strengths need a low-powered device
  • Generally more expensive than regular e-liquid

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  • Posted: 2020-07-26

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