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E-Cig Kit Innokin Pocketmod Blue EC146 EOL

  • E-Cig Kit Innokin Pocketmod Blue EC146 EOL
The Pocketmod E-Cig from Innokin is an all-in-one unit meaning the tank and battery are a single piece of equipment. No separate tank to break or to have to replace. If you are a smoker looking to make the change to vaping and the Pocketmod design appeals to you, it is definately worth taking a closer look at, as this model is designed to replicate the inhale you get from a cigarette. This starter kit comes with everything you need to operate your Pocketmod, just be sure to pick up some e-liquid to fill it up.
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Please Note: This product is heavily reduced as it is end-of-line. We will no longer be stocking coils and accessories to suit this model once current stock sells out, so we recommend you research the availability of parts and accessories online before purchasing.

The Pocketmod is supplied with two coils. A 1.2ohm coil for MTL (mouth-to-lung) hits which is similar to a cigarette style draw, and a 0.35ohm coil for DTL (direct-to-lung) hits which will give you a warmer, larger hit of vapour. Coils do eventually wear out and will need to be replaced every one to four weeks depending on your vaping style and the type of liquid you use in your e-cig. The styling of the Pocketmod sets it apart from other units with it's square shape that doesn't say "I'm a vaper" to anyone standing nearby, so you can carry it around without it being noticed as an e-cig. The lid has a nice tight snap-on feature to keep your drip tip (mouth piece) clean and the supplied lanyard is handy to attach if required. The overall feel of the unit is nice to the touch and the 2ml tank will keep you going during the working day so you can indulge during your meal breaks and on your way home. We can see the Pocketmod appealing to woman due to the style, shape, convenience, and colour options it offers.

  • 2000mAh internal rechargeable battery
  • 2ml tank
  • Unique cap design to keep the mouthpiece sanitary
  • Square shape, elegant and fashionable
  • Easy to carry
  • Super easy to use, both MTL& DTL available
  • Premium rubberised finish (soft touch)

1 x Pocketmod
2 x Coils (1 x 1.2ohm, 1 x 0.35ohm)
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Lanyard
1x Quick Start Guide

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  • The Best Vape Kit Yet!
    Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback on these New Innokin Pocketmod Kits. I have been a Wicked Habits Client going on 4 years and I have tried just about every Vape Kit you stock, from the less expensive to the more expensive kits. I bought myself a Set of 3 PocketMods to try out and I have now had these 3 PocketMods for over a year now and Not 1 has given me any trouble at all, which has really surprised me. The reason I chose this type of Vape Kit is for a few reasons: 1] The Battery is Big and Lasts a very long time. On a Full Charge after draining it completely it will last me between 2 and 3 days on my quite heavy use. I have never had a battery fail, heat up or play up in anyway and you can tell they are a solid Quality Unit because you can feel the weight of the battery and just how long they last. 2] I wanted a Vape Kit that had an easy to Install- 1 Unit Coil and one that would give me enough satisfaction regarding the flow thru rate. I love these coils they are much better than the previous coils on my other units which clogged up, because first of all these coils last such a long time and most times I only change the coil because I want to not because I have to. I get the same amount of flow volume and taste, whether I am at the beginning of a coil or the end of the coil. They are also very easy to change over, and the best past of this coil set up is that there are No Holes you have to clean out to keep your flow coming through, so whoever thought of that was spot on. I use the .35ohmn/20-40watt Coil as I find that one gives me the best flow rate and taste. They last for ages, I am talking weeks, not days. 3] As I mentioned above I wanted a Vape Kit that was Top Quality, Solid and very well put together and I did not want a Vape Kit that I had to keep cleaning out the flow rate or coil holes because that used to drive me nuts all the time. These PocketMods have an even better solution, if you look at the top of it you will see a slot, well all you have to do with these is after you have screwed on the top and given it a quick tighten you can then just reverse the cap and you have an adjustable slot that allows any type of flow rate you want and this is an outstanding feature thats goes unnoticed a lot of the time, but when you add up all these small features together you have what I feel is the best vape kit on the market and it is very tough as I have dropped mine many times and not once has it ever stopped working. I would highly recommend this Vape Kit, out of the 13 vape kits I have tried and used thoroughly, the INNOKIN PocketMod is by far the Best Vape Kit I have ever Owned and Used and I now have 3 of them that I rotate around. Thanks guys for a great product. Cheers Kev Borg Auckland | New Zealand
    Posted: 2019-11-24 by KEVIN BORG
  • E-Cig Coil Innokin Slipstream-Pocketmod 1.2ohm 5pk EK007
    NZ$ 25.00
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