E-Cig Band Single EA001

E-Cig Band Single EA001
What's a vape band? What do they do? Well .... vape ring bands serve as a bumper for your tanks and can save your mod from minor scratches. The vape band will stick out roughly 1.5 mm from your tank’s glass, thus making for a shock absorbing, rubber bumper! Though it might take a little stretching for some bottle designs, glass bottles are just a tap away from cracking and spilling all over your coffee table so wrap a vape band around them. Vape bands are easily the best way to pry apart stubborn tank parts that were either overtightened, or just gunked up from drips and moisture. By taking vape bands and placing them around the base and the top cap, then slowly making a “towel wringing” motion, most tanks will free up with minimal effort (and fewer instances of shattered gear). Vape bands are made of hypoallergenic, non-conductive, non-porous, premium quality silicone. Vape bands fit directly on your mechanical Mod or rebuildable atomizers. Size:inner diameter 21mm. There are too many colours and design combinations to list, so when you order it's a lucky dip!
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