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At Wicked Habits, we reckon being wicked is AOK! Party hard, but don't hurt others. Expand your mind, but don't break the law. Eat chocolate, but not for breakfast! Due to law restrictions around advertising smoking products, not all products we sell are displayed for sale. If you are interested in related products that are not shown on our website please feel free to enquire with us as to availability. We have a great range of smoking herbs, smoking pipes, herb grinders, flavoured papers, aromatic incense, electronic cigarettes, plastic zip-lock bags, ornamental skulls, e-hookahs, traditional hookah pipes, flags, tobacco tins, digital scales, tobacco seeds and much more to help you fulfill your wicked habit. We deliver nationwide and offer free NZ delivery for orders of $100.00 or more (excludes Waiheke, Great Barrier, and Chatham Islands). View our product categories on the left or browse our products/categories below and remember to check back regularly to see our new lines and specials!

  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable 4Play
    It's not butterfly kisses and spooning my friend ... it's 4Play. It's what it takes to start the night off right ... or go for round two. A refreshing melon mix. The Fantasia Disposable E-Hookah is a ...
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Adios
    Adios tastes distinctly like citrus curacao fruit, which has a reputation for being one of the most potent bar drinks around - it goes down smoothly but prepare for the morning after. The Fantasia Dis...
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Dirty Blonde
    Armed with a banana pineapple martini and a little black dress, the Dirty Blonde is every man's dream girl and every woman's nightmare. The Fantasia Disposable E-Hookah is a product that is ready to u...
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Ice Mint
    Don't be surprised if you feel icicles forming in your chest as you inhale this. Ice Mint is great alone or as a perfect boost to your favourite flavour. Enjoy it with some hot tea on a cool night and...
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Joker
    Joker is a mind trip. It is a psychedelic mix of more than five exotic flavours in a whirlpool of taste. Try and guess which flavour stands out the most! The Fantasia Disposable E-Hookah is a product ...
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Magic Dragon
    Puff puff pass the Magic Dragon. This blue mystical creature has captured the minds of many with its berry mint mix flavoured clouds. The Fantasia Disposable E-Hookah is a product that is ready to use...
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Peach Fuzzy Navel
    Peach Fuzzy Navel is a summer fruit sensation with a mixture of fresh ripe peaches and orange juice. This refreshing combo will soothe your soul leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The Fantasia...
    Out Of Stock
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Purple Haze
    Puff puff pass this mind warping blend of sweet grapes. Nothing will get you relaxed like some Purple Haze and make you feel like everything is going to be alright. The Fantasia Disposable E-Hookah is...
    Out Of Stock
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Surfer
    Get shacked in a pineapple juice and coconut rum flavoured experience as exhilarating as carving your first gnarly wave. Work on your base tan and enjoy Surfer! The Fantasia Disposable E-Hookah is a p...
  • E-Hookah Fantasia Disposable Washington Apple
    The Red Apple: sweet and so seductive. Eve fell for it, Snow White was poisoned with one; it gets you points with your teacher and it even allowed Isaac Newton to discover gravity. How do you like the...

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