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Due to legal requirements not all products we sell are displayed for sale. If you are interested in related products that are not shown on our website please feel free to enquire with us as to availability. We have a great range of smoking herbs, smoking pipes, herb grinders, flavoured papers, electronic cigarettes, plastic zip-lock bags, e-hookahs, traditional hookah pipes, tobacco tins, digital scales, and much more to help you fulfill your wicked habit. We deliver nationwide and offer free NZ delivery for orders of $100.00 or more (excludes Waiheke, Great Barrier, and Chatam Islands). View our product categories on the left or browse our products/categories below and remember to check back regularly to see our new lines and specials!

Items in this category are strictly R18.
By purchasing these items you are indicating to us that you are at least 18 years of age.

  • Spare Heating Chamber for Vaporite Emerald
    Spare heating chamber to fit the Vaporite Emerald portable vaporizer. The inside of the chamber is lined with ceramic. These heating chambers are guaranteed to work when purchased but are not guarante...
  • Spare Heating Rod for Vaporite Vaporizer
    Only for use with the Vaporite Vaporizer when your heating rod needs replacing.
  • Spare Whip for Vaporite Vaporizer
    The whip for the Vaporite Vaporizer includes glass mouth piece plastic hose & glass dome with mesh.
  • Vaporizer Ago
    The Ago vaporizer pen is a rechargeable unit that works well with dry herbs. Although this unit does vaporize your herb, some of it can tend to combust due to the proximity of your herb to the heating...
  • Vaporizer Snoop Dogg Boxed Set
    Who can resist the Snoop Dogg branded vape pen! This boxed set includes the vaporizer pen, a metal cleaning tool, stainless steel grinder card, cleaning brush, USB charger, 240v wall charger (not show...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Emerald (New Low Price)
    Our most popular vape pen has had a price reduction! Enjoy :) The Vaporite Emerald is a quality pen type vaporizer for use with dried herbs and waxy oils. The pack includes ceramic screens which preve...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Mini Air
    The VR-007 Mini Air is an excellent quality vaporizer with durable construction. Better than any other vaporizer in its class, the Mini Air comes with a built-in fan and remote control - featuring var...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Solo Digit (Special)
    USUALLY $249.00 - NOW $225.00! The Vaporite Solo Digit is an upgrade replacement of the top-selling Solo VR001. The new Vaporite Solo Digit features a remote control, Celsius & Fahrenheit LED display ...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Solo (Special)
    USUALLY $225.00 - NOW $199.00! The Vaporite Vaporizer is a state-of-the-art aromatherapy system that releases flavouring and active ingredients from essential oils through hot air vaporization. Its pr...

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