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Law Change Surrounding E-Cigarettes: The Ministry of Health is consulting on policy options for the regulation of e‑cigarettes, including possible amendments to the Smoke-free Enviroments Act (SFEA). This consultation aims to clarify the legal position of these products. You can have your say on this change now! Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 12 September 2016.

Review of Drug Utensils Regulation: This discussion document seeks views on whether a revised approach to drug utensils might be more effective in achieving the goal of the National Drug Policy. In particular, the focus is on utensils that people use to take controlled drugs (eg, bongs to smoke cannabis). You can have your say on this change now! Submissions close at 5pm on Tuesday 20 September 2016.

Items in this category are strictly R18.
By purchasing these items you are indicating to us that you are at least 18 years of age.

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  • Battery for Snoop Dogg G Pen 650mAh PE512
    Replacement/spare 650mAh battery for the Snoop Dogg G Pen.
  • Clearomizer for Snoop Dogg G Pen PE511
    Replacement clearomizer for the Snoop Dogg G Pen. Includes heating element and glass chamber.
  • Glass Tube for Snoop Dogg G Pen PE513
    Single glass tube for Snoop Dogg G Pen.
  • Heating Chamber for Snoop Dogg G Pen PE510
    Replacement heating chamber for the Snoop Dogg G Pen.
  • Heating Rod for Vaporite PE486B
    Only for use with the Vaporite Vaporizer when your heating rod needs replacing.
  • Spare Battery Vaporite Emerald PE504
    Spare battery for the Vaporite Emerald.
  • Spare Element Vaporite Emerald PE500
    Spare heating chamber to fit the Vaporite Emerald portable vaporizer. The inside of the chamber is lined with ceramic. These heating chambers are guaranteed to work when purchased but are not guarante...
  • Spare Mouthpiece Vaporite Emerald PE502
    Replacement mouth piece for the Vaporite Emerald. Includes ceramic filter.
  • Spare Screens Vaporite Emerald 3pk PE506
    Spare screens for Vaporite Emerald.
  • Vaporizer Airistech Nokiva Mini PE530
    The Nokiva Mini brought out by Airistech is one of the smallest vaporizers on the market. It fits easily into the palm of your hand, like a flip-phone. It features a ceramic heating chamber, which can...
  • Vaporizer Arizer Air Portable
    Ultra-compact and lightweight, easy to operate and maintain, and completely portable, the Arizer Air features a high quality ceramic heating element, high quality glass dishes, and a high quality rech...
  • Vaporizer Aura Flowermate
    The Aura Vaporizer is a fully isolated, non-combustion vaporizer for dry herbs, oils and waxes. It features an advanced ceramic heating chamber with a temperature range from 40 degrees Celsius to 230 ...
  • Vaporizer Chamber Herb Aura PE480
    FlowerMate gives you maximum flexibility as you can pre-fill these stainless steel capsules from home. Just put the capsule into the vaporizer and it's ready to use. The Stainless Steel Pod protects t...
  • Vaporizer Chamber Liquid Aura PE481
    This stainless steel Steel Liquid/Waxy Pod allows you to enjoy extracts and waxy liquids on the go. It provides maximum independence and flexibility, allowing you to fill your capsule at home. Just in...
  • Vaporizer Mouthpiece Aura PE490
    This is an original (OEM) spare or replacement mouthpiece, designed for the Flowermate AURA vaporizer.
  • Vaporizer Snoop Dogg Pack PE494
    Who can resist the Snoop Dogg branded vape pen! This boxed set includes the vaporizer pen, a metal cleaning tool, stainless steel grinder card, cleaning brush, and two glass storage jars. All packed n...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Emerald Asst Colours*
    The Vaporite Emerald Vape pen comes with ceramic screens which prevent your herb material from touching the element, so there is no combustion. Used properly you receive true vaporization, unlike chea...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Herb Chamber Pack*
    Contains all the consumable parts for the Vaporite Emerald including Herb chamber - with titanium coil & ceramic lining; Mouthpiece, including steel and ceramic screens, rubber tip; 3 x ceramic screen...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Mini Air VR007 PE483
    The VR-007 Mini Air is an excellent quality vaporizer with durable construction. Better than any other vaporizer in its class, the Mini Air comes with a built-in fan and remote control - featuring var...
  • Vaporizer Vaporite Solo PE485
    The Vaporite Vaporizer is a state-of-the-art aromatherapy system that releases flavouring and active ingredients from essential oils through hot air vaporization. Its precision temperature control and...
  • Whip Spare for Vaporite PE486
    The whip for the Vaporite Vaporizer includes glass mouth piece plastic hose & glass dome with mesh.

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